Traditional French Bakery in DUMBO

Cakes from Almondine Bakery


Chocolate mousse, flourless cake , chocolate creameux, chocolate dacquoise   

Chocolate Passion

Passion/Mango mousse, coconut dacquoise, chocolate mousse, chocolate flourless cake 


Alternating dark-milk-white chocolate mousse, chocolate flourless cake, chocolate sponge


Chocolate mousse, praline cream, crunchy wafer, chocolate dacquoise


Coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache, jaconde 

Chocolate Cream Brulee 

Dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, vanilla cream brûlée, vanilla macaroon

Vanilla Chocolate

Dark chocolate mousse, layer of chocolate flourless cake, vanilla creameux, chocolate dacquoise

Chocolate Raspberry

Dark chocolate mousse, layer chocolate sponge, raspberry creameux, lady finger sponge, chocolate pearls


Layers vanilla cake, large fresh strawberries, mousseline cream

Lemon Raspberry

Meringue, pistachio cake, lemon vanilla mousse, raspberry jellee, lemon creameux

Berry charlotte

Lady Fingers biscuit, orange supreme mousse, berry mousse with Lady Fingers and fresh berries decoration 

 Ask for special

   Mixed Berries Tart

Sweet dough, almond cream, pastry cream, mixed fresh berries 

   Tart Tatin    

   Sweet dough, caramelized apples    

 Lemon Meringue tart

Sweet dough, almond cream and pastry cream, raspberry jam, meringue
There are available two sizes of the cake: 

small (6.5’’by 6.5’’)  6-8 servings - $43.70 

large (7.5’’ by 7.5’’) 10-12 servings - $55.20

We also do cakes in special request sizes with 4$ per piece charge 
2 days in advance
 Decoration may vary 
Your special requests are welcome!